*The information contained herein is not intended to replace or substitute for conventional veterinary medical care, or encourage its abandonment. Every patient is unique, and formulas should be adjusted to meet their individual needs*

Commonly Requested Compounding Ideas for Feline Patients


Behavioral Issues:

Amitriptyline in Oil Suspension

Amitriptyline Topical Lipoderm

Buspirone Topical Lipoderm

Naltrexone in Oil Suspension



Acepromazine Maleate Oral Suspension

Acepromazine Maleate Topical Lipoderm

Butorphanol Tartrate Topical Lipoderm



Buprenorphine Sublingual Solution

Tramadol in Oil Suspension

Tramadol Topical Lipoderm

Trazodone Topical Lipoderm


Diarrhea:  Loperamide Topical Lipoderm


Gastrointestinal Issues:

Metoclopramide Topical Lipoderm

Famotidine Topical Lipoderm

Hairball Remedy

Cisapride Oral Suspension

Cisapride Topical Lipoderm


Cardiovascular Issues:

Amlodipine Besylate Topical Lipoderm - Transdermal

Atenolol Topical Lipoderm

Benazepril Oral Suspension

Captopril Oral Solution

Enalapril Maleate Oral Suspension


Chronic Renal Failure/Hypoparathyroidism:   Calcitriol in Oil Solution


Urine Spraying Behavior:

Amitriptyline in Oil Suspenion

Amitriptyline Topical Lipoderm

Buspirone Topical Lipoderm

Fluoxetine Topical Lipoderm



Cyproheptadine Oral Suspension

yproheptadine Topical Lipoderm


Requiring Phosphate Binders:  Aluminum Hydroxide Oral Suspension



Methimazole Aqueous Oral Suspension

Methimazole in Oil Suspension

Methimazole Topical Lipoderm


Transdermal Formulas: (Lipoderm Base)   *PCCA lipoderm is the most studied  transdermal base in the compounding industry. Several studies have been published in peer reviewed journals showing percutaneous absorption.*                        

Acepromazine Maleate 5mg/0.3ml

Amitriptyline HCl 10mg/0.1ml

Amlodipine 0.625mg/0.1ml

Atenolol 6.25mg/0.1ml

Budesonide 1mg/0.1ml

Buspirone HCl 1.25mg/0.2ml

Cisapride 2.5mg/0.1ml

Clomipramine HCl 5mg/0.1ml

Cyproheptadine 2mg/0.1ml

Famotidine 2.5mg/0.1ml

Glipizide 2.5mg/0.1ml

Ivermectin 0.1mg/0.1ml

Methimazole 2.5mg/0.1ml to 10mg/0.1ml

Phenobarbital 10mg/0.1ml


Oral Suspension Formulas: *Can be flavored to cats preference*

Aminophylline 58.35mg/ml

Chloramphenicol 250mg/ml

Ciprofloxacin 50mg/ml

Cisapride 10mg/ml

Doxycycline 10mg/ml to 100mg/ml

Enrofloxacin 200mg/ml

Famotidine 5mg/ml

Glipizide 5mg/ml

Griseofulvin 25mg/ml

Itraconazole 150mg/ml

Levetiracetam 100mg/ml

Metronidazole 31.25mg/ml

Metronidazole 25mg/ml

Metronidazole 100mg/ml

Mitotane 50mg/ml

Tetracycline HCl 100mg/ml

Theophylline 50mg/ml

Ursodiol 100mg/ml 

Zonisamide 100mg/ml

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