Your Pet, Our Passion!

No two animals are exactly the same. We individualize every dose for your pet or animal.

 Core Veterinary Compounding Pharmacy is a family-owned business based in Seguin, Texas. We specialize in the compounding of veterinary medication for Equine and Small Animals to customize patient-specific dosages.


Our goal is to give you the highest level of quality, customized medications, and customer service. We comply with USP 795, 797, and 800 guidelines on procedures, testing, and inspection of products and we use only FDA registered APIs (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients) ingredients.​ Our compounding pharmacy works with clients and veterinarians to provide a custom solution for their pets/animal's pharmaceutical needs that go beyond what standard pharmacies normally provide.


Here at Core Veterinary Compounding Pharmacy, we can create a medication for you based on your doctor’s prescription and your pets/animal’s unique preferences. This generally includes making medication easier for you to administer and easier for your pet to take.

 "Compounding is the art and science of creating personalized medicine for specific patient needs."

Triena Brand


B. Pharm (Northwest University SA)

Comprehensive Compounding C3

Veterinary Compounding LP3

Sterile Compounding LP3

Pharmacist License in States: CA, KY, LA, OR, TX, VA

Frans Du Preez


B.Pharm  (Northwest University SA)

Veterinary Compounding LP3

Pharmacist License in States: CA, TX

What makes us different?


We offer every customer and their pet or animal comfort in our care. We are passionate about what we do and put forward quality products and pristine service in South-Central Texas.

Our Story 

Animals have been a significant part of who we are, why we do what we do, and what makes us keep waking up each day. Our education led us into pharmaceuticals where we found an opportunity to travel the world, and eventually land in the United States. 

The two fulfilling careers that brought us into the world of veterinary pharmaceuticals allowed us to start a new chapter and settle down in a pleasant small Texas town with great ethics to raise our children.​Read our full story here.


Growing up on a ranch teaches hard work and ethics. These fundamentals have followed us throughout growing up and into our careers.


We gained many years of experience and knowledge while working in the veterinary pharmacy field but realized there is so much to learn. We took it upon ourselves to attend various training courses and obtain certification to heighten our skills and knowledge to ensure we deliver the best quality products and care

for our clients.

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