Our Story

Since we pride ourselves on offering a personal touch and learning about our customers and their pets, we wanted to share our story!

Your Pet, Our Passion!


Animals have always been a part of Triena and Frans's lives while growing up. Frans was raised in South Africa on a "game farm", much like an exotic ranch in the United States. Whereas Triena grew up in Namibia on a "farm", similar to a cattle ranch. Shortly after graduating high school, Frans followed his interest in animals to the North-West University of Potchefstroom where he studied for his bachelor's degree in biology. During that time, his interests led him into Pharmaceuticals where he proceeded to get his degree in Pharmacy.

Triena followed her love of science and research which led her to study pharmacy at the North-West University of Potchefstroom.​

After graduating, the two took a mandatory internship for a year in Zulu Land, Natal, a province in South Africa. They worked in the more remote parts of the region to help supply medication to people who couldn't afford healthcare.

Upon completion, they moved to Namibia where they discovered a vital need for "relief" pharmacists.  This allowed a pharmacist to take a vacation without abandoning the needs of their customers. In 2004, they launched their first business to provide relief in various remote spots. Frans and Triena recognized their urge to explore and help people and continued working all over the country. 

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Eventually, their travels led them to California, where new opportunities led them into veterinary pharmaceuticals and compounding. Simultaneously, they started their family and with time, became US Citizens. 

They turned their sights to Texas (God-loving, hard-working people with good values and incredible opportunities for small businesses to thrive) and moved their family to Seguin. 

In February of 2020, Core Veterinary Compounding Pharmacy opened for business.