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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Prescription Compounding?

Simply put, Prescription compounding is when a prescription medication is altered in some way to fit the specific needs or wants of a patient. This can happen for several reasons.

  • The dosage needs to be adjusted for a specific weight.

  • Several medications can be combined into one dose or capsule.

  • Ingredients can be substituted to work around the patient's allergies.

  • Dosage forms can be changed for easier application or swallowing.

  • Flavor can be altered for picky eaters.

Why Compounding?

As any pet owner is well aware, animals may be extremely difficult to treat with medication. Cats are notorious for refusing to swallow a pill, and dogs will eat around any pill you disguise in their food. Dosages for dogs are also tricky because what works for a big dog will be too much for a small dog and tablets need to be cut, resulting in incorrect dosing. Horses are also very picky eaters and difficult to administer medication and flavor can be added to ease the process. Medication can also be compounded if the commercial product is not available or on back order to ensure continued treatment.


Do I need a prescription from a veterinarian?

Yes, we can only compound medication that is prescribed by your veterinarian. 

Can you compound commercially available drugs?

Ultimately, no. We can create a variety of medications similar to commonly used medicines and form them to fit the user's needs. This allows us more opportunities to help our clients beyond the standard issued commercially produced medicine. Providing an array of methods for the medicine to be administered and formatting the dosage to the client will cater to their needs. We can compound commercial products on backorder or that are no longer commercially available to ensure uninterrupted medication treatment.


Can I get medication for my animal that is not compounded like tick and flea, heartworm, allergy, or heart medication?

Yes, but most clinics or veterinarians will have these drugs available at the clinic. A prescription is needed if you want to purchase the medication from a pharmacy.


How much does it cost to get the medicine shipped to me?

View our prices for shipping here.

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