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Naltrexone 25mg/ml Injectable


-Valid prescription from a licensed veterinarian is required for dispensing this medication

-Medications dispensed from CORE Veterinary Pharmacy are not for use in food or food chain animals

Naltrexone 25mg/ml Injectable

  • Reversal agent for sedatives. Due to its long duration of action (approximately twice that of naloxone), naltrexone is preferred in wildlife and zoo animals when potent opioids, such as etorphine and thiafentanil, are used. These potent opioids are long acting and the use of naltrexone minimizes the potential of renarcotization, especially when redosing of antagonists is not possible for personnel safety reasons - Plumb's Resource

    • Multidose Sterile Compounded Injection
    • Discard 28 days after needle puncture
    • Store at room temperature 
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